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Posted on 18th February 2017

Message 02/17/2017 17:03:31

Name of officer: n/a
Date and time: n/a
Location of interaction: gardena
Description of incident: Im Shawn Mancera, My father Herman Mancera has a house and the address is :
14702 s Orchard ave
Gardena CA 90247
He is renting out a Back house . The people he is renting out to haven’t paid in about 6 months and now my dad might lose the house, the only asset my family has. We all worked hard for that house. They are constantly threatening to kill my father and sister, they brought in an additional 6 “ gang members” from Lennox 13 gang . They are destroying it , they cover up the surveillance cameras and vandalize, tag, and steal my dads tools. We have notified the 77th division police but they never do anything , and tension there is really starting to escalate and I know its going to turn violent or maybe even deadly because my father doesn’t know what to do . I live in san Pedro with my kids and don’t really want to get involved ij any problems , but I’m in between a rock and a hard place because that’s my dad , and he’s being threatened with his life. Im a good man , I’m a Marine Corps Combat Veteran and don’t want to do anything stupid that’s why I’m contacting you , please help because this is going to end up bad.

Phone: 3107206441