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Posted on 28th February 2018

Message 02/27/2018 17:57:53

Name of officer: DEMAS (volunteer services)
Date and time: on or about 1/28/18
Location of interaction: 144th street/western avenue
Citizen Name: Mr. Terrence McConnell
Description of incident: I was on the abovementioned location when "Demas" and his accomplice (young Asian female) drove by and offered their assistance identifying themselves as "GPD volunteers". Naturally, I accepted their assistance in which I tried to start my vehicle. Unfortunately, my vehicle would not start and we started to move said vehicle by them pushing and pulling said vehicle with their small pick up truck. I was in the driver's seat of my vehicle when I heard lots "pops and grindings" and I asked "What was that??". Demas replied, "Oh, it's nothing to worry about" (and please take note that at the time this was being done, it was dark and we both had to use flashlights and Demas even gave me one of his lights.......a blue one which I still have). However, it was not until some time later that I discovered that those pops and grindings translated to dents and damages to my vehicle and, unfortunately, an appraisal of "TOTALLED" by my Insurance Carrier. Thus, I am going to need to know whether Gardena is Self-Insured and/or WHO your carrier is in fact as I need to file a claim against you in the amount of the appraisal.
E-mail Address:
Phone: (424) 703-0026