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Posted on 09th March 2021

Message 03/09/2021 14:53:25

Name of officer: N/A
Date and time: Approximately middle to end February 2021
Location of interaction: 2507 W 154th Street, Gardena 90249
Citizen Name: John Kaper
Description of incident: On or about February 7 while away on trip out of town, my hubcaps or center caps on my 2019 Toyota 4Runner (all 4) were stolen. I didn't know that they were missing until just recently, so I do not have an exact date. My neighbor thought that were missing around that date. I just replaced the 4 hubcaps/center caps today at a costs of $308. I just wanted the City of Gardena to know that there was a theft of hubcaps at our location and didn't want to take a police officers time to come by our house. Thank you and thank you for your good work at the Police Dept.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 310-991-8911