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Posted on 10th March 2020

Message 03/10/2020 11:03:42

Name of officer: Office Berrera
Date and time: 3/4/20
Location of interaction: 162nd Street
Citizen Name: Rafael Oliveira
Description of incident: I was picking up my 7 year old son at Denker Elementary School. I dropped his mother upfront school and I went around to find parking. I couldn't find parking and I returned to the curb where I dropped the mother of my son already with my son by her side. Office Berrera stop right behind my vehicle and I went to her vehicle to tell her I was moving the vehicle, to please don't give me a ticket. She responded extremely rude and only said "move your vehicle now"! I was surprised with her response and I said "it was a great idea implement our Parking Enforcement in Gardena, since I believe it saved our City budget from Bankruptcy while handled by Mr. Tanaka, but the parking enforcement officer should be better prepared to not only take action when need it but to interact with people at least cordially and nicely. Do you've kids?" She answered "no, I don't and all you said is full of crap. Move your vehicle now". I said I will move my vehicle now and to please don't give me a ticker, but I would file a formal complaint against her for the way she handled and what she said. I left right after, and I called the police asking the name of her supervisor. Officer Luna told me her supervisor is Sargent Mr. McCarty. I left him a voice message and now I got the citation from officer Berrera, who refused to spell her name when I asked, covering her name tag to the other side while I was trying to look for her name.

I moved to Gardena back in 1999 and I have been living by the same address for 21 years. I never was treated by anyone from the city, police department or traffic enforcement like the way she interacted with me right upfront my son. I hope we can resolve this matter by message, not in court. Citation 377123965. Thanks.

Rafael Oliveira
16015 S Harvard Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247
E-mail Address:
Phone: 310-387-4120