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Posted on 12th March 2018

Message 03/12/2018 09:41:14

Name of officer: They refused to give me names and badge numbers , they threatened me with going to jail once I began to ask for there names
Date and time: March 9th 2017 approx 645 pm
Location of interaction: Rosecrans and normandie
Citizen Name: Dominic Charles walker
Description of incident: On March 9 2018 at approximately 635 pm on the corner of 145th and normandie , me and my pregnant wife were involved in a car accident , the other party involved attempted to drive away , which is when my wife pulled up in front of there car and sort of blocked them from continuing without stopping .... I immediately called 911 and requested police and ambulance assistance took Gardena police about 10 minutes to respond ... Upon arrival 2 male Gardena police men approached me and I began explaining what happened to these officers ... Within 2 to 3 minutes several other GPD arrived , specifically a male Hispanic officer and a female Hispanic officer , whom became billigerant with me , and my wife who is 6 months pregnant and who is a government employee at the post office ... The damage done to both cars was minor and both cars were drivable ... The aforementioned officers impounded our car saying my wife failed to show proof of insurance , before she got in the ambulance , she gave the GPD officers her driver's license , the Hispanic male and female officers said that they believe the Hispanic lady (other party ) and decided to impound our car .... I called my attorney Mr.Dana Cole as this was occuring and that's when I was threatened with jail .... These officers should have body cameras on so my civil suit for racial discrimination and vindictive police conduct against me because I was a witness for the FBI against the Mayor of Gardena Paul Viking Tanaka .... The officers who became vindictive and unfair admitted to me ( quote You no what's up mother fucker ) .... we have witnesses , there names and phone numbers have been given to my attorney for him to do his work .... My wife was threatened in the ambulance by the female GPD .... After my wife via ambulance went to the hospital , all of a sudden they say she failed to give them proof of insurance , false , my wife is a honest person who is a government employee and gave the police every thing they asked for and needed .... They kept our punk slip to our car and our proof of insurance , is this a scam so the city of Gardena can gain revenues from us to get our car out the impound , was this racial profiling , was this a violation of my and our due process .... Last year on March 10 in the city of Gardena I had a car accident , and it took a lawyer to converse with the powers to be at the GPD to fix the report to State the truth , I was the victim not the party at fault ... GPD refuses to give us our punk slip to our vehicle and our proof of insurance , which makes our car have to sit in there tow yard on purpose so my wife looses it or has to pay thousands of dollars to the city of Gardena ... I am a working father , not on parole or probation , .....
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