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Posted on 21st March 2016

Message 03/20/2016 18:45:27

Name of officer: Ugalde #111007 and Guzzo #105693
Date and time: 03-20-16, 1530
Location of interaction: 13124 S. Catalina Ave. (Telephonically)
Citizen Name: Darryl Martin
Description of incident: On the above date and time, I telephonically contacted Officer Ugalde regarding an ongoing Municipal Code violation that has been occurring at the above location for over a year (Inc. No. 419). Officer Ugalde was attentive, professional and knowledgeable. After the officers successfully completed the call, Ugalde called me back, and explained how he would follow through with the concerned City entity in an effort to resolve this situation. I would like to commend both officers for their prompt, courteous and professional service.
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Phone: 310-400-9727