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Posted on 28th March 2017

Message 03/27/2017 19:54:55

Name of officer: Warren Mac Donald
Date and time: 12 March 2017, 12:30 PM
Location of interaction: St Anthony's Church, Rectory, 163rd St
Citizen Name: Mary Lou Mac Donald
Description of incident: Lt Lee, Mary Lou, my wife, was taken to the Harbor City Kaiser Permanente ER because she was crying and very distraught due to Anxiety/Depression and delusional thoughts. This was the 4th time GPD was called in regard to Mary Lou. The 1st and 2nd calls resulted in her staying at home in my care, the 3rd call required ML to go to ER at Kaiser and then a transfer to a Kaiser Mental facility in Chinatown for a 3 day visit. All calls were handled extremely well, I have no complaints. As with the 3rd call, the 4th also required a 3 day stay in the hospital. Many details are omitted due to space, but if you need them please call, 310-327-5826 or 310-920-5395.
When, in the hospital for the 2nd time, I spoke with ML, she thought she over heard one of the officers state that the report was going to reflect her calling the GPD 15 times and that she attempted suicide as many times. These thoughts may have come from her condition at the time but I would like you to check that report to be certain it is correctly stated as Mary Lou calling the GPD only 3 times with a 4th from St Anthony's and no attempt at suicides.
Now, 2 weeks later, after adjustments to her medication and attending the Del Amo Hospital Outpatient Services Program, in Carson, Mary Lou is doing fair to good.
Any help on your part would be appreciated, thank you.
I was going to send this letter to Captain Vince Osorio only because he has been a friend of the family before he became a police officer, but on second thought, I know he would have said: send it to your District Lieutenant; here it is.
Thank you,
Warren Mac Donald
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3103275826