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Posted on 05th April 2019

Message 04/05/2019 05:31:42

Name of officer: Officer .Kim K-9 unit
Date and time: 0300
Location of interaction: Artesia / Vermont
Citizen Name: Chris F
Description of incident: At 0235 I was confronted inside AMPM by officer name KIM he was a K-9 unit who was inside getting coffee he over heard a conversation I was having to the cashier about a complaint that I had the cashier directed me to a number I can call the officer engaged to walk towards me and asked if he could help me with something I said no go back to what you was doing. The officer got mad at what I told him and placed his coffee on the counter and began to walk towards me. I took a few steps back after he reached for my pocket knife out my tactical front pocket that had my money in. I asked the officer to back up I’m not doing anything wrong I then began walking backwards out the door holding my camera as the officer is telling me to leave property or he would arrest me. I asked him multiple times over and over again to call his supervisor because I thought he was in the wrong. The officer .KIM refused to give me a supervisor he told me he’s not calling a supervisor the officer continues to walk towards me while my hands is up recording Officer KIM then takes his level 3 trap off his firearm and continues to attack me while I’m trying to get away from him. He then pulls his weapon out and points it at me and said he was going to let his K9 dog out. Seconds later he holster his gun and continue to Intimidate me while I continue to request a supervisor. So I called 911 and spoke to Gardena police dispatcher because I really feared for my life I asked the dispatcher to send me a supervisor She told me to ask the officer that’s there after the dispatcher was briefed on the situation the dispatcher hung up on me. Keep in mind I’m on the grass area off property and Ive asked for my property back to officer Kim and he stats he wasn’t going to give me nothing and to walk off property. After multiple 911 calls begging to speak with a supervisor. A SGT by the name of Roberts says he would be on his way he arrived at approximately 0400 and refused to take a field complaint and refused to give me business cards related to this incident
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Phone: 3233457873