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Posted on 08th April 2021

Message 04/08/2021 23:51:19

Name of officer: Helicopter Pilot (wrong place)
Date and time: 04/08/2028
Location of interaction: 1145 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.
Citizen Name: Andy
Description of incident: (1) FAA Violation 91.119 proximal Gardena Hospital 7th Floor (Not Justified. Why? I have Video and Complaints from scared patients/witnesses). Black Helo flying over Crime scene about Normandie and Rosecranz area, then flew South toward Redondo Beach making a Left maintaining view of my car while I drove South on Budlong toward Hospital. This Inept weirdo went East on Redondo Beach Blvd., then turned North around Vermont, and when I parked at Gardena Hospital Employee Parking Lot (facing SE ) turned toward me like "in attack mode" going NW. This inept weirdo (Violator of Civil Rights 2012 / 2019 Federal Case and popping tires/ scratching car where ever I go....Obviously illegal tracking) flew low directly over my exact location. Meanwhile at least One Crime is happening in the other 3.97 million areas of Los Angeles. How stupid and waste / fraud / and abuse. Dept of Justice will be contacted. This is the 2nd time in less than a month for me to witness in this area.
(2) FAA Violation 91.119 proximal Los Feliz and San Fernando Rd 4/7/21 at 1600. I have video and witnesses that I explained this type of Stalking/Harassment. I informed this constant harassment is Unconstitutional for 10 to 20 years. This technique being illegal will be thrown out in Court (if needed, but there is NOTHING there anyway.) I told the witnesses about Targetting that Violates Civil and Human Rights, and that this technique is illegal / inept / unwarranted / unjust / not honorable / and does not serve a purpose. The only purpose is to harass and try to cause psychological terrorism, but I have made money off of this too. I have enough evidence, videos, witnesses, money, FOIA requests, Dept of Justice Complaints (ex: off duty Police Officer Darryl Martin following me in 2016 with help of Tracking......Will go to Channel 5 News to correlate Abuses like that against Trevon Martin and George Floyd too.)
(2) My question is this........Where was this Helo when they stole the Catalytic Convertor from Mr. Marco (husband of CNA on 5th Floor today 4/8 /21 am hours?????????????????????????? While the poor man waited in line to get Covid 19 vaccine.
(3) Also, where was this Helo when some scum bag crawled under the Car of RN Marilynn a week ago at about 2100 to try to steal her Catalytic Convertor. She surprised him, and he ran off. I encouraged her to take picture and make Police Report next time. I also told her to get SyncUp Alert from T-mobile to help her notice movement/towing of her car. She will get Dash Cam inside like me too to catch the assholes (whoever they are Corrupt Police, gangs, etc.).
(4) Where was this Helo when the Scumbags put 4 nails into my Back tire, driver-side on 3/19/21 while I saved Lives at Hospital.
Where was this Helo when Violators sliced just enough to pop at a high speeds as I try to chase harassers on 110 Freeway.( the Front inner wall of tire on Driver-side)?????????
(5) Where was this Helo when Some Scumbag tried to open my car door, look in back for camera, and tested my Alarm in a Private Underground Parking at a new work location?????????? Good thing I had my Dash Cam inside to catch him trying to break in, while pretending to pass out Business Flyers.........
(a) Breaking Law with No Permit
(b) No Business ethics- there are more cars in the street?????? No sense?????
(c) Purpose was to harass me with the help of tracking by Police.
(6) Where was this Helo when 10 Motorcycle Gang members parked around me at South west corner of Hospital Parking Lot close to 7 eleven???????????? No where in sight????????????? They were there for 4 hours Free as Shit on a stick. WOW
(7) FYI : In the movie "Casino", Robert Di Niro asks the employee hired to watch crooks steal X3 from a machine this.........
There is no way that one person can win 3 times on 1 slot machine !!!!(just like I cannot have many encounters with Helos in a City of 3.97 million and be victimized So much without any one seeing) Therefore, "You are Dumb as Shit Or You are in On it"

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