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Posted on 25th April 2020

Message 04/25/2020 15:09:37

Name of officer: Unknown officer
Date and time: 10-21-2000
Location of interaction: Gardena medical center
Citizen Name: Tiffany Monique Dennis (Bradley)
Description of incident: I dont care how long ago my arrest was I'm reporting the black ass uncle Tom cop who arrested me. The arrest is not the issue, he accused me of prostitution just because he illegally searched my purse and found condoms. I wasn't placed under arrest when that asshole cops searched my purse and didn't ask for any weapons that may stick or poke him. He just flat out said "how do you make money?" The nerve of that bigger! Then he ridiculed me on prostitution rather than the 245 charge at hand! I tried getting a complaint out but when you white ass heathens have sold out uncle Tom niggas working g for you, you get a generation of fucked up individuals! I never got a chance to speak my side of the story so if my language offends you...just know that your policies against black women do! Oh and Gardena Hospital ER bitches is next! Fuck everyone's feelings! My side of the story will be heard!
E-mail Address:
Phone: 2134320767