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Posted on 27th April 2018

Message 04/27/2018 11:35:57

Name of officer: Saldana/ Slater and several others.
Date and time: Unknown
Location of interaction: My home
Citizen Name: B. Williams
Description of incident: To Whom It May Concern:

This is an email which I should have sent last year, but due to recent circumstances I have an opportunity to rectify my oversight.
Last year my son who is a 27 year old, was showing signs of mental distress. I called 911, and several of your officers responded. I was a little nervous about calling, and worried about the type of response we would receive from the officers. I am so pleased to let you know that both my son and myself were treated with the utmost respect. I was overwhelmingly thankful for the courteousness they showed my son. Even though they could see he was a little agitated, they stayed calm and spoke to him respectfully. He was much calmer after your officers left. I may have the name of the lead officer who responded that night wrong, but I believe it was Officer Victor Saldana.
Most recently, I had to make the same call. Officer Yarenis Slater and her partner responded. Unfortunately I have forgotten her partners name, but I also want to commend these 2 officers for their kindness and empathy. They offered the most support and resources that they reasonably could, and Officer Slater followed up with me a day or so later with a phone call.
I know officers tend to get negative reports, and I just wanted to send some positive feedback. In both of these instances I could not have asked for more from your officers. The respect shown to both my son and myself was outstanding.
As I mentioned, I should have sent this earlier, and I pray I never have to make another call, but I felt the need to commend these all of these officers’ actions.

Thank you,

B. Williams
1928 W 146th St

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Phone: (310) 415-3765