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Posted on 02nd April 2016

Message 04/01/2016 18:54:48

Name of officer: Social Worker Patricia P.
Date and time: 03/31/2016
Location of interaction: CVS
Citizen Name: Rosalyn Moore- Gramercy
Description of incident: I want to congratulate your police department for having a Behavioral Mental Unit. I attended a presentation regarding mental health and spoke to Patricia. She provided information for my Schozophrenic child and helped me call the clinic. My world has been turn over since I met her. She was very invested in my son getting services. She called everyone and didn't give up like so many people do. I want everyone to know that she's my miracle.. I had given up on God and miracles but she reminded me Rosalyn that when you have faith ... God speaks and present itself in her... God bless the police and the chief . Tell her that she is love and prayed by us every night.
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