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Posted on 02nd April 2018

Message 04/02/2018 15:31:08

Name of officer: Unknown
Date and time: 11/23/2017 2:00AM
Location of interaction: 1822 West El Segundo blvd
Citizen Name: Stephanie Simon
Description of incident: At around 2:00AM Monday October 23, 2017, I was jolted out of my sleep by a loud banging on my window. The person then proceeded to shine a bright light into my window as well. There was more banging. i was so scared that I got out of bed, grabbed my phone, went into the living room and immediately called 911. The dispatcher I spoke to asked if I knew anyone that would be banging on my window so early in the morning. I replied no! She proceeded to dispatch an officer to my location. I was too scared to peak out of my window to find out who it could be. Finally, I got the courage to look. It was an officer with a blue flashing light around his neck. the dispatcher then told me US Visa Services was at my apartment attempting to deliver a warrant to another tenant. For some reason he thought it was alright to rudely wake a citizen that had nothing to do with this incident. The dispatcher then called off the officer and no one bothered to come check out the situation to see if I was alright. Is that your protocol? The situation was extremely stressful and I have been scared to sleep in my room ever since. the following day I called Gardena police and was later contacted by officer Messina who advised he would be getting back to me in regards to who the officer was. I never heard back from him. i called back a few days later and spoke with McCathy who also told me the same thing but I never heard back from him either. Today is April 2nd, 2018 and I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this matter. I also sent the same complaint on January 23, 2018 and still no response from any of the officers or commander involved. Once again, I am emotionally distraught since this incident and am looking into filing a lawsuit against the Gardena Police Department.
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Phone: 9517418271