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Posted on 12th April 2018

Message 04/11/2018 23:30:04

Name of officer: Unknown
Date and time: 8:12PM 4/11/2018
Location of interaction: Eastbound Alley behind Van Ness & El Segundo
Citizen Name: Alexis Grant
Description of incident: I was coming home from work and turned in the alley like I normally do to go and park my car at my home. The alley was taped off and there were two police officers standing behind the tape. I rolled down my window to show Identification and proof that my home is attached to the alley, neither of them approached me so I put my hand out of my window waving to them and told them I lived in the neighborhood. To which I was rudely told, "So!" At that point I asked them, "Am I not allowed to go home?" To which one of the officers told me, "Find somewhere else to park." Which didn't answer my question.

If you're going to have officers on your force. At least train them to properly do their jobs. I didn't commit whatever crime happened, I just wanted to go home after a long day at work.
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