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Posted on 26th May 2018

Message 05/26/2018 00:46:05

Name of officer: David and
Date and time: 03/13/2018
Location of interaction: E-mail
Citizen Name: Mizuka Hashimoto
Description of incident: I got thief and someone stole my I phone, macbook, bag, and wallet. When the polices came to my house and made a police record, they won't do anything. On the ather hand, they enterd with shoses my room so made mess my room. If there was something evidences of the criminal witch is fingerprint, what will you do? And I already told you guys that the Offender's house address. However, you guys won't do anything. Recently, my macbook is tarned on 6 times and always shows the same place so could you go there? or with me. If not I will go there by myself. The address is 21104 Normandie ave, Torrance. There are trailer houses so there are no exactly address, but my i phone search app shows that 6 or 7 from the end. You guys said that Torrance is no your district, but LA city police said that you guys have the right to go there so can go there right? That's why I am talk to you guys right now.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 6264643018