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Posted on 27th May 2018

Message 05/27/2018 06:31:56

Name of officer: n/a
Date and time: 5/16/2018
Location of interaction: 17224 S. Figueroa
Citizen Name: Brian Goldberg
Description of incident: Hi. I was scammed online by someone in Gardena CA, located at 17224 S Figueroa (possible name of the person is Seun James, but it could be a fake name). They stole my $1,100 laptop computer. I sold them the laptop online (EBay), and they scammed me by sending me fake "PayPal" confirmations indicating I was paid, but I actually wasn't. I shipped the laptop to them from my home in NYC, and then found out a few days ago that it was a scam buyer. The USPS tracking number was 9506 1136 5206 8134 2060 77. I can provide you more proof and evidence of this situation if you like -- I have the fake emails from the buyer, the Ebay notice, etc. This is very frustrating to me, because I am not an experienced seller on Ebay -- and when I googled the fake email address that it came from in Gardena, it seems other people were scammed by this person as well. I am hoping you can track down this criminal, so I can get my laptop back - or somehow get reimbursed for it.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 6466788879