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Posted on 26th June 2021

Message 06/26/2021 21:01:30

Name of officer: Unknown - I did not have direct contact with GPD
Date and time: 06/25 late night
Location of interaction: Purche Ave and 149th street
Citizen Name: Howard Karse
Description of incident: The mass congregation of bikers at this location yesterday evening through last night was, I heard from neighbors, broken up by GPD and did not die out on it's own.
THANK YOU!!! That 'event' essentially laid much of the neighborhood under a siege based on how the evening/night went.
When I returned in the evening from an errand, via 149th street westbound from Daphne I was barely able to turn north on Purche toward my home due to vehicle congestion that was not limited to legal parking spaces. As the night progressed the passage of window rumbling loud motorcycles tripping car alarms was an outlet for fun for the revelers and a nuisance to all residents. And of course the obligatory illegal fireworks that is part and parcel of whatever they were celebrating. They behaved with total disregard for neighbors and their property nor the necessity for streets to be open for passage - especially by emergency responders.

I do hope your response showed them what is not acceptable in this city - on multiple levels.

Again - THANK YOU!!!

Job Well Done!! Today has been fairly quiet and I do hope this was a 'one off' event for the newcomers to this neighborhood.
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