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Posted on 26th June 2017

Message 06/26/2017 16:14:36

Name of officer: Unkown
Date and time: 06/26/2017 3:00pm
Location of interaction: Western and 182nd, Gardena ,CA
Citizen Name: N/A
Description of incident: There were three squad cars following what appeared to be an African-American mentally disabled person as he walked down the street with his shirt off and appeared to not be coherent and in need of medication. The officers squad cars were P01, P09, and P20. I witnessed them follow the individual across the street via their cars and were mimicking his movement with beats and sounds over their police intercom. I believe it was squad car P01, but before they drove off it sounded like he said "get him" or "hit him". Squad car P20 and P09 followed the individual further down Western Avenue until I could no longer see them. I did see squad car P09 drive back up western towards Artesia Blvd. I am reporting this incident because I do not believe that this is professional and suitable behavior for law enforcement officers to be conducting while on shift. They are supposed to be serving their community, not taunting and making fun of the community and those within.
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Phone: 562-522-9113