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Posted on 24th August 2021

Message 08/24/2021 14:04:03

Name of officer: Officer Penko
Date and time: 8/23/2021
Location of interaction: Harvard Blvd., Gardena, CA
Citizen Name: anonymous
Description of incident: Hello,
I'm writing to submit a compliment for the team that came out to assist us (PMRT) last night, 8/24/21. I was only able to get one officer's name, Officer Penko, but there was a team of at least 6 officers & they were all very helpful, friendly, and professional. We placed a client on a 5150 hold & the officers assisted and made the incident go smoothly. Without their assistance we believe we would not have been able to get the client to the hospital. We appreciate their help very much & wanted to extend our thank you to the officers involved. Sincerely, the PMRT team
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Phone: 4243066498