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Posted on 03rd August 2016

Message 08/02/2016 20:01:12

Name of officer: Nash
Date and time: Aug 2 2016
Location of interaction: One block west of house fire
Citizen Name: Aren Fanning
Description of incident: After purchasing my drink at biglot after my last interaction with nash, i whitnessed black smoke start raising it looked to be around the courner a d being an eagle scout i went to see if i could locate it and notify emergency services. As i arrived so did several fire engins and police cars. Beibg it was adressed i stayed back to not interfear. I do enjiy fire trucks and find there capabilities interesting. So following directions of officers i made sure i was in no way interfearibg or obstructing.
As i was tryibg ti find a way to exit with out botheribg anyone i hear my name called. It was 2 officers standing with a grinning and laughing nash.... i could not hear what they said as a fire engine was between us and i was a good 50 yards away. I responded and told the officer i could not hear him so i tried to walk closer so i could respectfully respond ..
The officer said "good come here so i can detain you cause your on propation" i was suprized and asked what for i was not bothering anyone they all 4 started to laugh and found it funny and told me i needed to get out of there a d go home or go to jail.

Thats disgusting and unfitting behavior of any professional let alone an officer of the law.

They told me to go home and get out of there now, i dont live here.. i have buisness here and a comercial location..

I understand they were board playing traffic duty, but its would best serve the community and your own departments reputation if they behaved as gron respectful adults

I have no question nash intends to harass me ever oppertunity he gets... and every unlawful dscrimintory stop will solicit an appropriate complaint.

Youre welcome to speak with srgt mitchell at hawthore and find if im a lawful citizen or a piece of shit like your offixers enfurred and treated me like.

As i was leavung the neighbors who were outside and whitnessed bash and friends childish bully behavior made sure to appologize for your department.

Really tough guys.. messing with an autistic adult...
Youll note no incedent report or anything.. just nash trying play games and abuse his scence of authority.

Respectfully i expect a reesponse and will make myself available to further diacuss the issues.

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