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Posted on 20th September 2020

Message 09/19/2020 20:07:30

Name of officer: Hernandez #389
Date and time: 9/19/20
Location of interaction: Target
Citizen Name: Anthony Gonzalez
Description of incident: I was registering people to vote outside of target, not impeding the walkway, and this officer came up to me and I thought "hopefully he let's me stay if not ok", and he told me to leave, I said fine but do you mind if I show you this court case I have (hoping he would let me stay) and thats when he started getting aggressive, he started yelling at me telling me not to waste his time and leave. I felt extremely insulted. I asked for this man's name and badge number and he refused to give me his full name, which I had previously done my research, and indeed, an officer refusing to give his name (for a complaint or whatever the case may be is illegal) and I'd love to see him punished for not following the law and making me feel as if I was worthless. No one is above the law, not even a police officer...
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Phone: 626 656 0995