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Posted on 28th September 2018

Message 09/27/2018 19:00:40

Name of officer: H conrado/ j Mathieu
Date and time: 9\27\2018 4:00pm
Location of interaction: 15008 s raymond ave gardena ca
Citizen Name: Timena jones
Description of incident: The vehicles tags were out of date and the car was being impounded the officers acted with lack of integrity and did not want to disclose information or their names, declined to give us a card or incident report nor a citation for the incident at hand as an american citizen i have the right to know the names of the officers servicing me it was unprofessional. They also did not allow me to retrieve any of my items out of the vehicle including items i needed for my four children. No officer should act with that much lack of integrity when their position includes service to the community. The situation should've been handled with more professionalism.
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