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Posted on 01st October 2018

Message 09/30/2018 22:13:29

Name of officer: Unknown at this time
Date and time: 9/30/18
Location of interaction: 135th eastbound passed Western
Citizen Name: Pamela Dorsey
Description of incident: My daughter Wilicia Michelle Dorsey was pulled over on 135th St. due to not having turning lights on an assigned turning lane on 135th and Western Ave., then citations escalated to registrations. Her 3 children watch the police physically search her and had her hands on her back, looking like she was handcuffed and taken to 2nd patrol car. It ended where her car was towed and her and the kids was left in the streets. Her phone had died and not able to call. She walked 3 blks. with the kids and carseat, before she was able to get a passerby to call me. Those policemen involved should have been kind enough to assist her. To protect and serve? I am a Gardena homeowner and very disappointed when a woman and her 3 children are just left on the street.
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Phone: 3108084215