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Posted on 12th September 2016

Message 09/12/2016 12:12:46

Name of officer: Gabriel Jimenez
Date and time: August 8, 2016, 12-3:45PM
Location of interaction: City of Gardena, Community Development Department
Citizen Name: Anna Robles
Description of incident: I would like to commend Officer Jimenez for very quickly resolving an administrative citation for an incomplete inspection on a building permit; citation# 15322. Even after numerous phone calls explaining that the project had passed a final inspection I had been unable to clear the citation. I was finally forced to drive the 2 hours from my home to Gardena's city offices only to be faced with a very rude and unhelpful clerk in the Community Development Office. Rather than assume I was in the wrong, as the clerk had clearly done, Officer Jimenez offered to check with the inspector on record.

Officer Jimenez’s professional attitude and matter-of-fact assessment of the situation resolved the matter within several hours. He as able to email me before 4:PM that day that he had spoken with the inspector, corrected the inspection record and cleared the citation.

I greatly appreciated Officer Jimenez’s courteous and very professional demeanor as by the point he entered the discussion I was quite frustrated. Please convey my thanks to Officer Jimenez for his help. He is a wonderful representative for the Gardena Police Department.

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Phone: 909-437-0969