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Posted on 02nd October 2018

Message 10/02/2018 12:33:25

Name of officer: Detective Sproles
Date and time: September 11, 2018
Location of interaction: Via Cellphone
Citizen Name: Addy Williams
Description of incident: I filed an incident report about a stolen laptop and cellphone on August 7th of this year. I heard nothing about any progress for quite awhile, so naturally I assumed the officers were busy. However, a month passed and I still was not contacted by the beginning of September, so I called Det. Sproles myself. This complaint cites a) the shiftless approach to my case in general, and b) the amount of time that he allowed to elapse before any contact was made. Again, I'd like to emphasize that I was the one to initiate contact. As hurtful as it is to know that no one cared enough about my case to do anything about it, the situation was worsened by the amount of time elapsed.
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Phone: 2314488915