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Posted on 10th October 2018

Message 10/10/2018 13:33:33

Name of officer: Bazan
Date and time: 10/10/18
Location of interaction: 154th st. Orchard ave.
Citizen Name: David
Description of incident: This officer gave me a ticket a couple weeks ago she was out of her District when It Was Written I received in the mail a corrected copy saying that the incident took place in the city of Los Angeles County and then today as I walk out of my house to my neighbors three houses down I am stopped and harassed by Officer bazan for no apparent reason I'm not a gang member I was not doing anything I do not look suspicious I believe I was racially profiled and this is not a coincidence that she's passing by my house out of her District area I was told by The Watch Commander this officer is allowed to go anywhere she wants however upon looking at your website that is not true your watch commander officer lied to me I am going to pursue the steps to ensure my complaint is taken seriously on the website it says gardenas Moto is "service with pride and professionalism delivering the highest standards of police services..." well that has not been to Slade by neither your officers nor Watch Commander I will be contacting my district LAPD officer as well to submit this complaint since I was turned away from Gardena Watch Commander. Thank you
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Phone: 2134019965