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Posted on 15th October 2020

Message 10/15/2020 11:54:38

Name of officer: Evan Jackson
Date and time: 10-13-2020
Location of interaction: Crenshaw Blvd and El Segundo
Citizen Name: Reven Landry
Description of incident: My daughter was in a car accident and 911 was called. She was hit by another car when merging into the turning lane. Upon arrival of the scene office Jackson went to the first car which was a white male driver and spoke some words. He then approached my daughter's car and she was already out the car getting ready to explain what happened, the officer stopped her and stated "I'm a traffic and collision cop, I already can see what happened here". First he should have asked was she okay. Then took her side he did not. She said she was hurt and called the ambulance. Ambulance arrived he shunned them off saying this was a minor accident and no one was hurt and their service was not needed. My daughter stated she called the ambulance because she needed them. The EMT stated we was called to an accident we want see if everyone is okay. I never in my life heard of an officer first response would be not to help all involved. My daughter asked if he was gonna ask her what happened and make a report. He told her he already had a good idea of what happened and that she can go online and get the report. He then handed her a car with his name and on the card was a number which he told her that was her accident report number. I am highly dissatisfied at this officer demeanor towards the handling of my daughter's car accident. She then drove to her friend's house and there is where she parked her car and she then took my daughter to the ER. This is an official complaint made against Officer Evan Jackson.

Karen Johnson (Mom)
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Phone: 3235221810