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Posted on 22nd October 2018

Message 10/22/2018 12:31:40

Name of officer: Something Y. Slater
Date and time: Do not recall specifically, but I came in regarding an August 6th incident
Location of interaction: Gardena PD Office Site
Citizen Name: Addy Williams
Description of incident: Compassion costs a man nothing; perhaps your officers should be reminded of this periodically. I came in person to the department with the horrendously misguided belief that asking for help from law enforcement was the right thing to do. Jesus Christ I was dead wrong. I spoke with Ms. Slater, who was outright rude. Either she was having a tough day (which excuses nothing) or she chose to judge me based on whatever she read in her incident report. Regardless, I can't imagine treating another female the way she treated me, especially in light of the challenges we all face in our society. Again; Compassion. Free.

I can only imagine how many of these online forms you must receive each day - I completely understand if I receive no response. Which is for the best. I'm well aware none of you sincerely cares about my situation, and a halfhearted form letter would hardly remedy the situation, now would it?
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Phone: 2314488915