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Posted on 31st October 2016

Message 10/31/2016 11:02:59

Name of officer: Erick Lee
Date and time: 09/08/2016
Location of interaction: 1718 W 162 ND Street, Gardena, Ca 90247
Citizen Name: LAN THI HOANG
Description of incident: On 09/01/2016 Sergeant ALex Rivera provided to me information that : My two cases report Identity theft numbers: 13-2322 and 14-20406 , which related to two cases identity theft transferred from Torrance Police Department to Gardena Police since 2013 , But L.T Eric Lee did not assign to ANY detective investigation. On 09/08/2016 I directly meet L.T Cuff and requested him investigate crimes stolen property are Carmen Torres and Lakana Rungrueng. I left my message to him many times at: 310-217-9636 but he did not reply. I live in District 2 , why L.T Cuff assigned for District 3 kept all my reports but does not investigation? On 09/08/16 I submitted my request to meet Chief Police Edward Medrano & I attached evidences but until now no reply. Please HELP ME, I am a victim of crimes.
Phone: 3106263295