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Posted on 13th November 2020

Message 11/13/2020 12:13:09

Name of officer: Quintero
Date and time: 9/4/20
Location of interaction: 15430 Atkinson
Citizen Name: Christian kofahl
Description of incident: I wanted to thank officer Quintero for the consideration and humanity he showed me the day my girlfriend committed suicide.. Honestly I have had interactions with police in other cities that were needless to say a negative experience.. The entire time that GPD was here the one on one interaction, Conservatives, consideration and importantly the humanity shown to me from Officer Quintero was above the call of his responsibility and duty’s in my opinion... Knowing that I was in shock (and in many ways still am) he had shown me a very sympathetic and supportive and respectful demeanor of which was instrumental I the process of allowing me to absorb the impact of that situation, allowing me to ride with him To get a monster at the corner as they were removing her body , going inside to retrieve my smokes, and sticking with me the entire time the teams of firemen, EMTs, detective, and finally the coroner were in my home and recovering her body... I remember that whole day and the devistation form it still carrying an echo,and the life altering sights, and events that transpired, and the one on one help that officer Quintero provided was experiential and absolutely the only time I’ve ever been shown any real humanity from any cop from any city, I just wanted to express my appreciation for that degree of respect and his supportive role during the absolute worst experiences of my life ...THANK YOU GPD and your entire team of public relations and first responders for everything...
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Phone: 7143008895