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Posted on 15th November 2018

Message 11/15/2018 07:49:10

Name of officer: Booking and Properties department
Date and time: November 14th approx. 11:40am
Location of interaction: Booking/Release
Citizen Name: Danielle Delia
Description of incident: I was released from custody at approximately 11:40am Wednesday and I was given my wallet and cellphone. My ID was missing from my wallet and officer Marcellus told me it was not noted to be with my personal items. I recall officer Peterson (arresting officer) having it in his hands at the time of my arrest, so I assumed it had just been placed into my purse and not in my wallet. When I went over to retreive my belongings the officer (female) at the window instructed me to dial "633" on the phone in the lobby, yet after several tries with no answer, I left multiple messages. My ride had arrived to pick me up and throughtout the rest of the afternoon until they closed at 4pm, I had called multiple times and never got through or a call back. My car keys, and purse are still in your custody along with my ID (hopefully) and without them I am unable to retrieve my car from Hisham's Tow. Everyday I go without my ID and keys my car is accumulating an expensive amount to be able to retrieve it. I beg of you to help me resolve this matter ASAP before I am financially unable to retreive my car. Thank you.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 714-653-4153