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Posted on 29th November 2019

Message 11/28/2019 17:02:50

Name of officer: N/A
Date and time: November 28, 2019
Location of interaction: Across the street from 13300 Estrella Ave, Gardena, CA 90248
Citizen Name: Joshua Leau
Description of incident: I was sitting in a parked car. The 2 officers drove by and asked what I was doing there. I cooperated and responded although I had not done anything wrong. They then turned around and got behind me. They took me out of my car and searched me and my vehicle without consent. They put me in the backseat of their car. When I asked if I was being detained, the officer replied “yes” When I asked why I was being detained I was not given an answer. I am currently In the process of getting video of the incident. I will then have the number of the vehicle.
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Phone: 3238291165