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Posted on 03rd December 2018

Message 12/02/2018 17:53:24

Name of officer: Officer Evans and Officer Paik
Date and time: 12-1-18 at about 12:30 PM
Location of interaction: 2503 W 129th St.
Citizen Name: Shelie Williamson
Description of incident: Hello,
My name is Cheryl Williamson. Yesterday my sister Shelie was having a psychiatric emergency, but was refusing to go to the hospital. Neither the PET team, ambulance drivers nor my mother or I were unable to persuade her to enter the ambulance. She would let no one touch her. What began inside my mother's home, wound up outside on the front lawn. My sister was very agitated and psychotic, inappropriately dressed and refused to get in the ambulance or return inside.
I called 911 and Officers Paik and Evans arrived on scene in short order. Officer Paik approached Shelie and began talking to her in a calm and respectful tone. Shelie would not comply with his recommendation to have herself checked out at the hospital.
Officer Evans then spoke to Shelie in the same soothing tone. In her psychotic state, Shelie was telling us she was a Queen and a member of the Royal Family. Officer Evans seized on this, stretched out her hand and asked if she could touch a Queen for good luck. She gently approached Shelie, getting closer and closer with her outstretched hand. She repeatedly told Shelie she wanted to touch the Queen. Shelie smiled and let her. Officer Evans then touched Shelie on the arm and calmly moved her hand to Shelie's back. At this point, Officer Evans gently guided Shelie to the waiting guerny, helped her on to it and instructed her lay down and make herself comfortable. Shelie fully complied. She was strapped in and taken to the hospital for some desperately needed treatment.
Officer Evans was brilliant in her assessment of the situation and her subsequent strategy worked expertly.
My mother, Mrs. Wanda Williamson, and I would like to thank Officers Paik and Evans for their invaluable assistance in a time of crisis. They were professional, respectful, and brought the situation to a successful conclusion with absolutely no escalation of the matter whatsoever. They both exemplify the meaning of Public Servant and we are truly grateful.

Best Regards
Mrs. Wanda Williamson
Ms Cheryl Williamson
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Phone: 9518586236