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Posted on 20th December 2016

Message 12/20/2016 13:56:55

Name of officer: Luis Contreras
Date and time: 12/20/16 10:15-10:30 am
Location of interaction: Inside a private parking lot - Torrance
Citizen Name: Angie Valdez
Description of incident: I accidentally locked my 2 month old baby inside my car. I was going to dial 911 when I saw the police car coming and I flaged them down and told them what happened. They tried to help get my keys through the truck. Which I opened before putting my son in the car to place the stroller inside but unfortunately I left my keys by my sons feet. Since my car is a new model there's a handle you can pull and push the back seats forward but since I had two cars seats the left side wouldn't go forward but the right seat went forward enough to let air inside. Office Contreras tried to put his arm through and get the keys, the keys were to far for his reach. He tried and I really appreciate all his effort. I did not get his partners name but he also helped get triple A. Luckily there was a towing truck inside the lot helping another car. Office Contreras went over to ask him for help soon after the gentlemen came over and quickly opened my driver side door. I was able to get inside my car and be with my baby which was a big relief. They were God sent I know it because I was in the city of Torrance inside a private parking lot and they were Gardena police that's gods work. Office Luis Contreras was very nice and helpful. He told me everything was going to be okay. Before he left he made sure we were okay. I know they were on another call but they stayed and helped me and I'm very grateful to office Contreras and his partner. Wonderful police officers. Very thankful for all their efforts.
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