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Posted on 17th March 2021

Message 03/17/2021 11:27:17

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: Hi GPD,
Since last October I have had a vagrant hanging around my house day and night.
At first he would mess up bushes I had just trimmed, now he bangs on a water pipe in the front of the house (I think) whenever he hears me in the front half of the house. (I never hear the bangs when I am in the back half of the house. I hear him throughout the day and night at various times, but always between 5-7 p.m. and 4:30-6:30 a.m.
I put in a sensor floodlight on the south side of my house where he previously would tap on my bedroom window or throw pebbles at the bathroom window, but now he bangs a pipe in the front yard, it seems. I had a box made to cover the pipe, but bangs continue.

I think he must live in a car because when we had the heavy rains last week, he was still out there making noise.

I have called the non-emergency number before and he goes away for a few hours, but always returns and makes his presence know by making even more noise.

Is it possible to have someone patrol regularly? I’m thinking otherwise moving will be the only way to have peace.

Thank you for anything you can do to help.
Judy Sagami
16404 Dalton Ave.
Gardena, 90246
Full name: Judy Sagami
Email address:
Street address: 16404 Dalton Ave.
Phone Number: 3104874663