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Posted on 18th June 2022

Message 06/18/2022 05:18:17

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: Black sedan (acura or honda- type w/ tinted windows) parked in red behind RV on 154th and ardath, noticed around 4:30am. Vehicle parking or brake lights were on, engine may or may not have been running. I observed the vehicle at 4:45a.m. still parked w/ parking/break lights on, young black/mixed race male in black hoodie w/ long-ish hair/fringe that blew out from his hood, wearing a backpack was standing at driver’s side window calmly interacting w/ driver. Shortly thereafter he got on a small black motorized scooter (like the rentable ones on the street) heading eastbound on 154th, black sedan drove westbound on 154th towards crenshaw. I could not see inside sedan due to tinted windows.
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