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Posted on 25th June 2021

Message 06/25/2021 05:33:23

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: Hi, I have already reported this earlier to a District 1 email, but I just found out about this "Report Suspicious Behavior" form.

So there was a suspicious person (hoodie, wearing a mask, black race) at around 4:30am today. The address is 1217 W Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, 90247. I was about to leave and open the front gate and some guy just hurriedly came near the gated door. He said, "Yo." Thinking he was talking to me, I replied, "What's up?" Then he spoke to someone else and was saying "I'm at the front."

I couldn't see if he was on his phone, but he was definitely talking to someone else. I just stood there watching him, as I was worried and careful. He didn't ask me to open the gate. I was suspicious and walked away back to my unit. Now I'll just wait to leave in the morning.

Can your please take a look around, and also would it be possible to routinely check everyday at the hour of 4:30am-5:30am at this place and at night at 10pm-1am. At these hours, it's very suspicious seeing someone all covering with a hoodie and a mask. I can attest nobody wears mask in this area. So his face is fully covered, and there's a camera at the front-gated door.

Appreciate the understanding and precaution. Thanks.

Full name: "Worried Resident"
Email address:
Street address: 1217 W Rosecrans Ave., Gardena 90247
Phone Number: