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Posted on 15th January 2020

Message 01/15/2020 11:28:30

Name of Youth: Briyan Villagran
School/Grade Level: LACOE
Name of Youth: Briyan Villagran
Sex: Male
Parent/Guardian Name: Diana Araujo
Contact Phone Number: 323-942-3276
Home Address: 14812 Chardon Ave. Apt. 35 Gardena CA 90249
Person Referring Youth: Diana Campos- In Home Outreach Counselor (IHOC) at Children's Institute
Why are you referring this person to our program: IHOC Campos received a referral from DCFS for family mentioned above. CSW reported Briyans unwillingness to attend school. Ms. Araujo is interested in enrolling Briyan into the program to reduce the likely hood of him engaging in gang crime and be a productive and contributing member of society.