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Posted on 05th November 2016

Message 11/05/2016 15:23:19

Name of Youth: Cindy Barrios
School/Grade Level: North High School/ 7th grade
Name of Youth: Cindy Barrios
Sex: Female
Parent/Guardian Name: Alicia Barrios
Contact Phone Number: (310)612-6155
Home Address: 14642 S. Denker Gardena CA 90247
Person Referring Youth: Melva Barrios
Why are you referring this person to our program: Hello,
I am referring my sister- Cindy Barrios to your program for many reasons. First of all she has many challenges, she talks back and gets physical. She has hit many of us including my mother and 6 year old brother. When my mother tries talking to her she yells at her and gets physical. To add, she has shown violent acts in many other situations including in school. When she was attending Peary Middle School she would get in fights and even carried lighters. I have seen her with cigarettes, marijuana and pipes. My parents have tried to help her including moving her away from her peers and for that reason they enrolled her at North High. She has not changed and continues to be very disrespectful and violent.

If you have any questions please feel to call me (310)612-6155