The quality of neighborhood life, its safety and welfare comes from the commitment of each of its citizens. Members of the volunteer program are given responsibilities, both internally and community wide, which require them to achieve a high level of public trust, earned only by their acts of professionalism, to assist the police department in any way that increases the effectiveness of service to its citizens. The most often reason given for wanting to be a volunteer is “To give something back to my city.” Through events open to the public, the volunteers help the community understand how our department works and the commitment to its citizens.


Prospective volunteers are selected after passing an oral interview, a background check, and a positive assessment of their suitability for the various duties they will be asked to perform, including a driving skills test. To become a volunteer you must be 21 years or older with no felony convictions.


The Gardena Police Department Volunteer Program began in 1991, when three senior citizens asked if there was anything they could do to help. Organized classes began in 1997 and have continued each year. To date we have over 40 volunteers actively working in our department. The volunteers are asked to work 16 hours a month. Many do more than required. What our volunteers bring with them is their experience, knowledge and friendship.


The Community Volunteers do observation rides through our city, reporting graffiti, nuisance abatement, residential check, business checks, park and school checks, traffic control assistance, sign removal, victims and witness assistance, community policing and much more.

The Internal Volunteers do filing, data entry, Microfilming, temporary childcare, front counter assistance, shredding, foreign language interpreter, monitoring Officer testing, miscellaneous other duties.


The Gardena Police Department is actively recruiting volunteers for our next class. To apply for the volunteer program, please visit: https://www.cityofgardena.org/volunteer-application/ . For questions and/or concerns please contact Community Affairs Coordinator Stephanie Escalante at (310) 217-9689.