The Patrol Bureau is a component of the Operations Division, and is responsible for handling all calls for service from the public. These calls for service are received by the South Bay Regional Communications Center, who then dispatches our officers to the various locations to provide assistance. The Patrol Bureau is managed by four Police Lieutenants, one managing each of the various patrol shifts. The Patrol Bureau also includes some specialized uniformed details, such as the Traffic Detail, Transit Security Detail, and Parking Enforcement.


The Traffic Bureau is a component of the Operations Division of the Gardena Police Department. The primary mission of the Traffic Bureau is to increase traffic and pedestrian safety through enforcement and education. The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for felony criminal investigations related to DUI and “Hit and Run” collisions as well as all fatal traffic collisions. The Traffic Bureau reviews all completed traffic collision reports submitted. This Bureau is comprised of a Police Sergeant, two sworn Traffic Investigators, two Motorcycle Officers, two Traffic Officers and several full and part-time civilian employees. The Traffic Bureau also coordinates and manages the Department’s parking enforcement efforts. Requests for routine traffic or parking enforcement are typically handled by calling dispatch (310-323-7911) and an on-duty officer will respond.

Traffic Bureau personnel coordinate numerous regular and grant funded operations that focus on traffic safety and DUI enforcement. These operations include DUI/CDL Checkpoints, Suspended Driver Surveillance, Court Stings, DUI Saturation Patrols, Warrant Service details, in addition to parade and other special event coordination. The Traffic Bureau is also an active participant in the South Bay Regional DUI task force. This is a specialized deployment comprised of officers from local South Bay cities that specifically patrol for DUI drivers. They patrol throughout the entire South Bay area from Manhattan Beach to Gardena and El Segundo to Palos Verdes Estates PD.


The Gardena Police Department maintains a bike patrol detail which is a part-time collateral assignment for one sergeant and four officers. This detail is activated for special assignments such as parades and other tactical action plans in which their stealth and/or mobility is advantageous.


The Gardena Police Department has two canine teams/positions, primarily funded through the state and local grant funds. Both canine teams are assigned to the Patrol Bureau. The Department K-9 detail has a long history and a proven record of increasing safety and saving man-hours. Several service organizations and private persons have donated generously to the program to help maintain and improve this detail.


Since 1998, the Gardena Police Department has joined forces with the GTRANS, the Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, under a joint Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of providing police services to GTRANS buses while on their regularly scheduled routes. The Police Department provides two full-time police officers for the specific purpose of protecting City buses, City Transportation personnel and the citizens that use bus lines transportation.

Other duties include, boarding and riding buses while on their routes, investigating traffic collisions involving City buses, assisting with disruptive passengers, taking crime reports related to City buses, taking police action against those committing crimes on buses and the monitoring of all bus stops in the City routes.


The Code Enforcement Detail is specialized detail that works within the Patrol Bureau and interactively with the SEU Team. While responsible for all land use related City and state regulations and policies, the detail focuses on impacting public nuisance type of violations that negatively affect the quality of life to the community. To learn more about what constitutes a public nuisance click here. This program places high priority on voluntary compliance and neighborhood empowerment, but includes citation, prosecution and abatement activities when necessary to achieve the goals. If you have a code enforcement or public nuisance to report, contact the Police Department, Code Enforcement Detail at (310) 217-6171 or visit 1718 W. 162nd Street, Gardena.


In an effort to improve communication and teamwork through our local schools, in 2007 the Department initialed a School Resource Program where fulltime police officers coordinate services with the Los Angeles School Police Department officer who patrol many of the key schools in our community. This partnership helps in identifying problems early and combining the efforts of the two departments to serve the students and the surrounding areas.



The Detective Bureau is a component of the Support Services Division, and is commanded by a Police Lieutenant. The Detective Bureau is divided into separate details that include Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Youth Services, and Special Investigations (Vice/Narcotics/Criminal Intelligence).

The Gardena Police Department has three detectives assigned to the “Crimes against Persons” Detail. This group of detectives conducts the follow-up investigations of such violent crimes as homicides, robbery, assault, and domestic violence.


The Gardena Police Department has four detectives assigned to the “Crimes against Property” Detail. This group of detectives conducts the follow-up investigations of such crimes as burglary, auto theft, grand theft, petty theft, forgery, and identity theft.


The Gardena Police Department has two detectives assigned to the “Youth Services” Detail. This detail conducts follow-up investigations of all crimes involving juvenile suspects, and investigates all reports of physical, sexual neglect, and endangerment of children who are under the age of eighteen. The detail also registers all sex registrants who live in the City of Gardena.


The Crime Suppression Unit is a component of the Detective Bureau, and is responsible for conducting investigations of vice, narcotics, and criminal intelligence activities. The Detail is comprised of one sergeant and five detectives.

Persons wishing to report narcotics activity are asked to contact the Crime Suppression Unit at (310) 217-9647. Anonymous calls are welcome and identities are kept confidential.


The Special Enforcement Unit is comprised of one sergeant and four investigators, one of whom serves as the Department’s School Liaison Officer (SLO). The primary responsibility of the SEU is the monitoring of parolees and probationers reportedly living within the City of Gardena. Investigators routinely visit those individuals, conducting compliance searches and investigations, and ensuring that they are conforming to the terms and conditions of their parole and/or probation. In addition, the SEU is responsible for enforcement, tracking, and documentation of criminal street gang activity. SEU Investigators are court certified subject matter experts, often called upon to testify in criminal matters involving gang members. The SLO is the Department’s liaison with our local public and private schools. The SLO spends the majority of their time at our schools, maintaining close relationships with staff members, students, and parents to foster a safe learning environment for Gardena. The SLO also enforces the truancy law, and is responsible for tracking and prosecuting those who graffiti our city.



The Records Bureau is a component of the Support Services Division. The Bureau operates on an around-the-clock basis seven days a week. There is one Supervisor, seven full time Records Technicians, and eleven part-time employees assigned to the Records Bureau.

Personnel assigned to the Records Bureau perform numerous tasks aiding our department, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public. Information is provided by telephone, mail, and in person at the police department.

The employees of our Records Bureau process and maintain all reports produced by police personnel, including crime, arrest, and traffic reports. These employees are also responsible for entering stolen property, vehicles, and missing persons into local and national databases.


Reserve Police Officers are community members, who volunteer their time to fulfill the many roles, which are normally handled by full-time police officers. Reserve Police Officers receive the same training as the full-time officers, and work alongside them, performing the same duties. Reserve Police Officers are dedicated individuals who truly want to make a difference in their community, while at the same time enjoying the challenge and excitement offered by law enforcement.

To become a Reserve Police Officer, applicants must have successfully completed a reserve or full time police academy. The hiring process and requirements for Reserve Police Officer are the same as those for full time police officers. For further information, contact Lt. Erick Lee at (310) 217-9612.