Order Police Report

The Records Detail is managed by the Administrative Services Bureau of the Support Services Division and its. “24/7” day-to-day operation is handled by seven full-time civilian Police Records Technicians, and six part-time police assistants. These employees are responsible for providing assistance to the public at the station’s front counter, fingerprinting processing of all city work permits, safekeeping and data input of all Police Department documents (ten of thousands on an annual basis), as well as statistical  reporting.


Copies of many police reports may be obtained for a small processing fee. If you would like a copy of a report, please contact the Records Detail at (310) 217-9600, or visit the police station with a check or money order for the $23.00 per each report.

Certain Police Reports may be filed online. If you have not yet filled a report and wish to do so, click here.